The church began in October 1970 when Bud Calvert answered the call to start a new church. They held the first service in their second-floor apartment in Annandale, Virginia. There were five people in the congregation that day, including his wife Mary and son, and Dave and Margaret Abbey and their son, but as the weeks went by, the number of people grew.

The church soon began meeting in West Springfield High School but continuing strong growth led to the acquisition of a five-acre property and a small building on Braddock Road in 1973. A second building on the site was dedicated in 1979. Then a tract of 33 acres was donated to the still-growing church by a member who was also a land developer. Located on a prime site fronting on the (then) soon-to-be-constructed Fairfax County Parkway, this miraculous gift led to a final move in December 2000.

The church, however, is not land and buildings: it is people. The legacy that Pastor Calvert sought to maintain was to ensure that God was pre-eminent in everything while striving to draw people to Him from the local community, then reaching out to others across the country, and to the nations beyond. This vision is encapsulated in the purpose that has motivated FBT from the very first – to Glorify God and Evangelize the World. Translated in practical terms, this means that the local church promotes a vigorous program of discipleship, personal evangelism and community outreach while supporting nearly 300 missionary evangelists on every continent. In addition, young men have been sent out from FBT almost every year since its founding to plant new churches across America. In this way, more than $14 million has been given towards world evangelism over the last 42 years. This money is separate from the operating funds of the church and is donated by members through a program of Grace Giving.

Pastor Calvert’s son, Troy, pastored the church for ten years from 2006 to 2015. Dave and Margaret Abbey’s son, Todd, became the pastor in 2016, and has continued the tradition of glorifying God and evangelizing the world through the ministries of FBT.